The prayer of a servant

O Lord, our God and Protector of all, you know the needs of each and every one and you provide accordingly.  We ask you today to listen to our supplications and prayers and grant us your peace, strengthen our faith, renew our hope and adorn us with your abundant love, so that we may become better servants and stewards of your vineyard and humbly serve your flock in the name of Jesus.

Make us your tools and worthy to teach and preach your Word to those who call upon your name and depend on you.  Let your Light shine on the sick, poor people of the world and the afflicted.  Pour out your grace and mercy on all nations of the world and let there be peace, tolerance and understanding among men and women of diverse cultures, races and religions.  Heavenly King, show to humanity your unending compassion and embrace us with your love and take us under your holy and victorious Cross, charging us with the power of the Holy Spirit and send us into the world to become the witnesses of your Word always conquering the evil with kindness and love by imitating you, O Lord, Jesus, now and always in your name.  Amen.  

A servant







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