Our Parish

The consecration of St. Mary Armenian Church is the realization of a much-cherished and long awaited dream. Starting from the first deacons who held services on the shores of Miami Beach in the 1930’s till today in our newly built and relocated spiritual home, we have kept our religion alive. What started with a small group of newly established Armenians on the shores of South Florida continues today with us, and tomorrow with our children and their children.

His Holiness Karekin I, Catholicos of All Armenians blessed the ground for St. Mary Armenian Church on February 17, 1996, during his first historic pontifical visit to the United States. The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on August 24, 1997. During a very beautiful ceremony, the sixteen cornerstones, representing the twelve apostles and the four evangelists, were washed with wine, blessed and anointed with Holy Muron (oil) and placed in the ground under the columns. By January 1998 the building was up, the roof installed and the school building started. In February we had our first Badarak in the new church building. We thank everyone who contributed to the realization of our dream through donations, through hard work, through their spiritual support and their prayers.

Through the guidance of our Lord we have come so far and pray that God may grant us many more fruitful years in the future.

We need to recognize all our leaders, parishioners and clergymen past and present. Most especially the past! We succeeded not only because of the dedication of the present builders but due to the fact that our past foundation and pillars persevered and held on patiently. Everyone, now and then, had a purpose and a plan and glory to God that it was our time and place to be part of His plan and purpose.





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